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[其他] How to become a CPA

[其他] How to become a CPA

How to become a CPA

The qualification programme (QP) of the Hong Kong Institute of CPAs is a comprehensive training programme that gives you the knowledge and skills necessary to become a certified public accountant (CPA).

QP offers a direct route to qualify as a CPA. Completing the QP exempts you from the Hong Kong practising certificate examination, which is necessary to register as an auditor.

   Qualification Programme      Members of recognized accountancy bodies
                 Five types of agreements
                          + Three-year practical experience in accounting
                             CPA (Hong Kong Institute of CPAs member)
                Practicing certificate exam
                                         + Auditing experience
                                             CPA (Practising)

Entry Routes to Qualification Programme

What kind of qualification do you have?
                  ROUTE 1            ROUTE 2    ROUTE 3
    Recognized accounting degree   Non-accounting degree  Non-degrees
    Conversion programme
                                            QP registered student

ROUTE 1 :  Recognized accountancy degrees

Graduates of the following accredited local accountancy degree programmes are eligible to register as students of the Institute.

View Recognized Accountancy Degree

ROUTE 2 : Non-accountancy degrees

Non-accountancy graduates complete a conversion programme before registering as a student of the Institute. The objective of the conversion programme is to bridge the technical knowledge gap between non-accountancy degree holders and accountancy degree holders. The focus of the programme will be on the development of technical knowledge and skills. The following programmes have been accredited as the Institute's conversion programmes:

View Conversion Programmes

ROUTE 3 : Non-degrees

To satisfy the pre-entry requirement, non-degree holders will be required to obtain the accounting technician qualification of the Hong Kong Institute of Accredited Accounting Technicians (HKIAAT) plus successful completion of a foundation programme accredited by the Hong Kong Institute of CPAs or successful completion of the HKIAAT's professional bridging examination. The following programmes have been accredited as the Hong Kong Institute of CPAs' foundation programmes.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong Institute of CPAs Foundation Programme

The Open University of Hong Kong
Higher Diploma in Professional Accounting

Enquiries relating to the foundation programme should be directed at the respective universities concerned.

Non-Hong Kong Degrees

Candidates who have obtained their tertiary qualifications from universities outside of Hong Kong must have the following to be eligible for registration with the Institute.
  • Have a relevant degree granted by a recognized non-Hong Kong tertiary institution AND sufficient knowledge of Hong Kong law and tax.
  • Or have a degree granted by a recognized non-Hong Kong tertiary institution AND have completed a Hong Kong Institute of CPAs accredited conversion programme.
A relevant degree means a degree with academic coverage of accounting and related subjects, which substantially meets the graduate standards required by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants. As a matter of guidance, the Institute will establish whether the degree is relevant or not by reference to a recognized accountancy body, where appropriate. Non-Hong Kong qualifications will be assessed by the Institute on a case by case basis. Please refer to the information sheet 'QP applicants with non-Hong Kong degrees' for further details.

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Thank you for sharing ^^
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wow.. so informative.. ^^

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thx a lot ~~help me know how to become a cpa under non-degree quilfacation

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thanks for sharing

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我想問non-account degree係咪可以選擇route2/route3

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