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[出讓] Trijicon 1-8, RX34, HSGi, M&P9L, 19X, HK45ct, GHK ,Laser, boots

Trijicon 1-8, RX34, HSGi, M&P9L, 19X, HK45ct, GHK ,Laser, boots

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Kwai Fong  Mtr   >  CENTRAL mtr

Trijicon ACCUPOWER 1-8 Green 34mm ,
Larue mount & Aero super Light mount ,
Lens cover
Likes new condition

韓國 Detonator CNC 鋁slide M&P9L 日本 Marui ,
100% work , 有盒有說明書,
一匣 Guarder 14mm- 有牙 outer barrel 連 Threaded cover,
Marui Mini Red Dot,
Recoil spring , 鋼recoil 回鏜杆;
強化槍身 , Diy custom 手工防滑
$1500 一匣 ,
$1400 no mag

VFC G19x 兩匣
slide 左邊 槍咀位 花痕,
HKD 850

USA High Speed Gear HSGi pouch / accessories (Multicam)
M4 single mag taco x2
Soft taco bottle pouch x1
Rifle ramp x1
(Kicks the pouch out an angle to clear your rig)
www. pts-steelshop .com/products/high-speed-gear-rifle-ramp-v2
all excellent condition
一套發售 唔散賣
HKD 680

Ratech cnc Receiver
for GHK m4
with steel bolt set
2 pins
Great condition
HKD 1400

Ksc Kwa custom Glock 19 w/ Airsoft Surgeon CNC slide,
Steel Outer Barrel
Steel recoil spring
1 mag
HKD 700

90-95% VFC HK45CT
購自統工 無落場
一槍3匣 冇漏氣

new Hugger Accupower 1-8 bb cover
HKD 70

Viridian C5 Green Laser
likes new condition
美國 珍品
Best for compact pistol CR2 電 , 跟幾粒 ,
可 閃 / 長著 tune好唔會走位

new Trijicon Reflex RX34 1x 42mm ,
4.5 moa Green dot reticle
From USA

Leupold DeltaPoint
Great Condition
7.5 MOA trianger reticle
one optic , 2 screws

真 BlueForceGear Ten Speed 556 Chest Rig
$450 Or 交換 762 版

Esstac Daeoton Panel
-MC Vertac Wingman Chest Rig / Panel
Holds 2x M4 mag, 1x Double Stack Pistol Mag,
1x Tourniquet , 1x QD IFAK,
2x General Purpose Pouch with Pull tabs,
holds radio or M4 mag or similar sized items.
likes new condition

絕版 USA black water Battle belt + Eagle Y belt,
diy bungee 非常新淨 , 不過改過放 drop leg holster,

LBT-1961A AOR2 Chest Rig 330D
Devgru Seal team
Rare London Bridge Trading
Condition: used , quite new
HKD 3200

Elite Tactical Pants 戰術褲 彈性 格仔布
Navy Blue color
can holds 4x M4 mags at side pouchs

Guarder mp5 steel QD Flash hider

Real Peltor ptt 6pin + adaptor for yasau

虎紋衛衣 from H&M size S 新淨 ,
HKD 150

USA Sunwayman v20c LED CREE FlashLight
with 1 battery (18650)
0.5 ~ 438 Lumens
Effective range 300 Meter
No strobe function
HKD 320

Germany Ledlenser M1 LED Flashlight
Max. Light Output : 300 lm
Max. Burning Time : 7h
Max. Beam Distance : 140 m
Weight  70 g
Length  9.7cm  
Color  Black
Battery Type  1x CR123 (3V)

AA LED電筒 $20 for 2 ( 2支 )
No battery included
約 20 lumens
約 85mm x 20mm

NEW Spyderco摺刀 高仿 精鋼製作

Proud 14mm- MP9 Steel Tracer adaptor for KSC KWA   $120

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