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[生物 Bio] Personality Disorder Q&A

Personality Disorder Q&A

Question 1:

Jacky often socializes with strangers.
Prove that he is antisocial.

[ 本帖最後由 DutalaTortoise 於 2020-1-5 11:20 PM 編輯 ]

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Solution to Question 1

A necessary and sufficient condition would be like this:

1. He is a gossip-monger;
2. He wanna spread libels and slanders.


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Question 2:

Mary often coins new words and utters puns.
Prove that she is schizophrenic.

[ 本帖最後由 DutalaTortoise 於 2020-1-5 11:23 PM 編輯 ]

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Solution to Question 2

Her thoughts are NOT linear. During conversation, she is likely to jump from one channel to another without transition signs. Moreover, the use of puns is already committing simulacra (含沙射影), which is common in all MKs.

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You made my day
究竟我們人類 (或至少 uwant 的網友),是否沒有能力在 不標懺化或侮辱他人的情況下理性地討論?

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回覆 5#  sealion 的帖子

I just apply the ideologies from psychiatry, albeit in truth I do not identify with some of the discourses.

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