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[出讓] Vudu & Vortex 1-6x,MR,870,TNT,SoTech,Esstac,MayFlower

Vudu & Vortex 1-6x,MR,870,TNT,SoTech,Esstac,MayFlower


L³ Eotech Vudu 1-6x  sr1
w/ mount
new in box

Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x  
Likes new in box
w/ new mount

Ops Core airframe rail

90-95% TNT Ghk M4 hop up
work well

Rail , Grip , Stock 4" Rail $150

Ares Efcs Gear Box ,
已改 Systema氣缸組, 加硬天梯 $550
Custom Aeg / GBB Folding stock  $450

Mystery Ranch Quick Draw Rifle Scabbard (Bag / Case) - Desolve
abt 48 inch * 10 inch
Good for Shotgun / Rifle

90% new XS sight 870 Tritium Wing sight
quite new ,
but some glue sticky inside the tube during install before

DM870 硬柄 連 面枕袋 新淨 完整

樹葉花 迷彩褲 32/30
著過一次 , 洗過一次

NEW 出口鋪 樹木紋迷彩衫
細碼 ~ 中碼 袖長 55 cm
$100   衫+褲 set

NEW Spyderco摺刀 高仿 精鋼製作

Esstac Daeoton Panel -MC
Vertac Wingman Chest Rig / Panel
Holds 2x M4 mag,
1x Double Stack Pistol Mag,
1x Tourniquet ,
2x General Purpose Pouch with Pull tabs,
holds radio or M4 mag or similar sized items.
likes new condition

MayFlower Mag pouch set - MC
made in USA
Holds 4x M4 mags , and 3 pouches
Never in game

new   Conder Grenade 鎖匙包

Stock for m4 Aeg / Gbb tube

Marui Desert Eagle DE.50 Gas magazine

Cybergun FNX with Leupold Deltapoint
一槍一匣  正常操作 ,
匣 無漏 無脹
落場一兩次後 , 長期收藏 好新淨
前後sight改夜光 ;
後sight diy 鑽孔方便 tune Deltapoint (真槍有同樣改法)

Leupold DeltaPoint
Great Condition
7.5 MOA trianger reticle
one optic , 2 screws

SUREFIRE M951 with Larue Mount Excellent condition 350 lumens LED bulb Everything work well.

Excellent condition
work well
Frame + Larue Mount

90% Rasputin AOR1 (TAN)
Custom spray paint to darken
$250 only

1 Proud 14mm- MP9 Steel Tracer adaptor for KSC KWA   $120
2 Modified Adaptor for TMP silencer For TMP silencer & 14mm- Thread )  $240

RA-TECH NOVESKE N4-300 7075 Forged Receiver (for GHK M4) 鍛製金屬身
- licensed marking of Noveske
- 7075 Forged Receive?r
- included Steel Receiver pins
- Not compatible with GHK M4 GBB V1/2 bolt.
- Its compatibility the RA-TECH GHK M4 steel bolt for this forged receiver Only.
Exchange RA-TECH AAC 身
$1500 身 + pin

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DM870硬柄合G&P M870裝嗎?

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