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[英文科] Oral Communications MCQ Sample

Oral Communications MCQ Sample


There are several questions. Choose the BEST answer for each question.

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Set 1

1. Study the following dialogue:

A: Hello! Professor Maverick's secretary. Can I help you?
B: ___

(A) Hello! Can you find Professor Maverick for me?
(B) Yes. I hope you can help me. My name is Li Ling.
(C) Good afternoon. I'd like to make an appointment to see my students on Sunday, please.
(D) Thank you. Professor Maverick knows me well.


This is a phone call asking what to help. (A) is clearly Chinglish. (B) does not state clearly what to help. (D) is totally irrelevant. (C) is the correct answer.

2. Study the following dialogue:

A: You seem to pride yourself on having a lot of friends.
B: That's for sure. Everyone would be proud of having many friends.
A: But it's a pity that most of them are fair-weather friends.
B: What does that matter? Isn't that we need all kinds of friends?

What do we know about B's friends?

(A) They may not turn up in bad weather
(B) They may not be there when you need them.
(C) They will come in good weather.
(D) The man is on good terms with his fair-weather friends.


This question asks for what "a fair-weather friend" means. This kind of assholes will leave you alone when you are in adversity. The correct answer is (B).

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Set 2


A: Can you take over for me here for a little while? I have a friend coming to see me.
B: I'd like to, but ___ Ask John, he's not so occupied at this moment.

(A) how can I do it?
(B) that's alright.
(C) that's impossible.
(D) I have  my hands full.


B is showing negation and offering an alternative. (C) is too impolite. The correct answer is (D).


A: Hi May, how are you? I heard you were sick.
B: They must have confused me with somebody else. ___

(A) I was sick last week.
(B) I couldn't agree with you more.
(C) So you're right.
(D) I've never felt better.


May is not sick. The phrase "I cannot XXX more" is equal to "I XXX", but (B) surely causes a contradiction. (D) actually means "feeling good", which can be misled as wrong answer to those poor at idiomatic usage. The correct answer is (D).


A: Mary, would you mind turning down the TV a little? I'm talking on the phone, and I'm having a hard time hearing.
B: ___

(A) Please forgive me.
(B) Oh, sure! I'm sorry about that.
(C) You should have told me earlier.
(D) I'm sorry to hear about it.


We expect a polite response stating whether Mary would mind or not. (A) is not a complete response and (C) is too impolite. (D) expresses regrets and thus not relevant. (B) actually means "I don't mind XXX" which can be misled as "I do mind XXX". (B) is the correct answer.


A: I'm sorry. She's not in his office.
B: ___

(A) Are you sure she will be back soon?
(B) Would you like to leave a message?
(C) Can you take a message for me?
(D) Shall I  call her sometime later?


We expect a response to whether the woman is in the office, so (A) and (D) are incomplete responses. (B) should be spoken by person A, NOT person B. (C) is the correct answer.


A: I'm anxious to get started on my project. Can we discuss it sometime before the end of this month?
B: ___

(A) Why didn't you tell me earlier?
(B) Yes, that could be arranged.
(C) I can't spend any time.
(D) Yes, it is easy to discuss it.


(A) did not answer the question. (C) is too rude. (D) is too arrogant. (B) is the best response.

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Set 3

1. Study the following dialogue:

Man: How about the examination last week?
Woman: If I'd got more time, I could have made it.

What does the woman imply?

(A) She failed the examination last week.
(B) She was asked to take another examination.
(C) She did quite well in the examination.
(D) She didn't take the examination last week.


(D) is clearly wrong. The phrase "make it" is equivalent to "manage to tackle the exam", so (C) is wrong. (B) is irrelevant. The correct answer is (A).

2. Study the following dialogue:

Woman: Where do you plan to go for dinner?
Man: I was thinking of going to Joe's. It's a stone's throw away. Besides, the environment is good.

What can we learn about Joe's?

(A) It's not expensive.
(B) It's not far from here.
(C) It's an interesting place.
(D) It's known for its specialty.


"It's a stone's throw away" is equal to "in close proximity to here", so (B) is the answer.

3. Study the following dialogue:

Woman: Now, Leo, would you care to explain how the answers to the test questions appeared on your desk?
Man: I can't, Ms. Wong. Someone must have left them on my desk.

What is the man's problem?

(A) He is suspected of cheating.
(B) He left the answers on his desk.
(C) He doesn't know how to explain.
(D) He didn't know the answers to the questions.


Obviously the man refuse to confess committing cheating. The answer is (A).

4. Study the following dialogue:

A: This software is very user-friendly.
B: Yes, but it leaves something to be desired.

What does person B think of the software?

(A) It is of excellent standard.
(B) It is of very low standard.
(C) It has reached the expected standard.
(D) It does not reach the expected standard.


Person B thinks that the software lacks some features. The answer is (D).

5. Study the following dialogue:

Woman: Wallace, the bag is beautiful, but really, you shouldn't have!
Man: You're welcome. I think it looks beautiful on you.

What did Wallace do for the woman?

(A) He bought her a bag.
(B) He helped her put on the bag.
(C) He helped her choose a bag.
(D) He tried to flatter her.


The woman thinks the bag is too expensive to be bought. The complete response is "You should not have bought it for me". The answer is clearly (A).


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