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[英國文學] Daily non-commercial email writing samples

Daily non-commercial email writing samples

1. Apology Letter

Dear Benjamin Wang,

Can you ever forgive me for having lost the Atlas you lent to me yesterday? I should have been more careful with it, but I don't have the slightest clue as to how I could have lost it.

I am sending a $1000 HKD cheque along with my sincerest apology. Hope this will cover the cost of purchasing the same Atlas. Again, sorry for the inconvenience I am causing you. Please let me know you won't refuse loaning me references anymore.

Best regards,
Leo Lam

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2. Letter of friendship

Hi Mrs Raven,

Your email at May, 1st 2019 reached me this afternoon as a pleasant surprise, I had been missing you all the times, my dear professor. Glad to know that you are planning to come to Hong Kong for a private visit in your summer vacation. I eagerly look forward to seeing you ASAP.

I have been in Hong Kong for about 24 years since my birth in 1994. At present, I am living with a local girl of my age, who is majoring in English. We get along well with each other and help each other. She helps me in my English and tells me something about Britain customs and habits, In return, I have offered to improve her Mandarin.

It is my wish that I will serve as your guide when you come here on a tour in the coming holiday.

Love to your family.

Yours respectfully,
Katherine Chin

Note: The author is a lesbian.

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More reference:

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A book to recommend:

Model Business Letters, Emails and Other Business Documents

Published by Pearson.

For Chinese version:


For latest original English version:


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