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[吹水閒聊] Men without sexualities

Men without sexualities

In a society where collectivists stay in mainstream, such as Hong Kong and Japan, there are some minority people who have no sexualities at all. Yes, I mean they are not interested in interacting with the opposite sex, not to say homosexuality, trans-sexuality and bisexuality. They are somehow cynical.

Amidst these men, some do have a habit of perusing porn, jerking off and speak foul language related to the genital, but these do not imply that they like prostitution. Instead, they say, "Sexual intercourse is carcinogenic: it spreads HPV and HIV." Yup, their intelligence is just above language as they overcome the human instinct of affection, but since they cannot feel love, they won't love: They consider all women are menace to their life, especially for those married. They feel that love will make males more and more stupid, and females more and more arrogant. Sadly, no scientists perform such a research to provide evidences.

Persistence of such males without sexualities is surely alarming to the government, as this means that the aging population will exacerbate because these males will play up birth control to suppress new bloods in the workforce. It seems that men without sexualities are the retaliation against collectivists who do not respect individual differences, at least it is true in Japan where IJIME (bullying by the majority) is so rampant.

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A Good Analyzer Must Be A Good Collector.

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