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[吹水閒聊] Revising the local Chinese Examination Generations

Revising the local Chinese Examination Generations

2007 HKCEE - 2017 HKDSE: The public exam for rebellious generation indeed.

Yes. Post-1990s generations are quite delinquent, because they receive NO moral education in senior high Chinese. The detailed analysis can be found in astrology (something like heavy Aquarius characters), but since moderators here are anti-superstition, I won't produce the account here.

In 2007 HKCEE, the 32 prescribed texts from Chinese Language syllabus get removed. And those born in 1990 receive 2007 HKCEE. The most proactive generation takes 2008 HKCEE, and they are zodiac sheep. Our famous Yau Wai Ching takes 2008 HKCEE and 2010 HKALE accordingly.

And, those receive 2017 HKDSE are born in 1999. They are the third naughty zodiac (rabbit) compared to the first in 2012 (dog) and the fourth in 2015 (ox).

Of course, the above analysis are all bullshit for its over-generalization indeed.
A Good Analyzer Must Be A Good Collector.

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如無記錯, 2008 CE 中文綜合能力玩潮語

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They only evolved party in 2007 HKCEE - 2017 HKDSE (NOT HKASL CL&C) is HKEAA. The reading comprehension questions get more and more tricky, and the writing questions get more and more distracting. HKEAA serves her pledge right: to discriminate between strong and weak candidates, and this alone ruined the whole post-1990s generations.

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