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[世界歷史] Russia's Road to TERROR and DICTATORSHIP under PUTIN

Russia's Road to TERROR and DICTATORSHIP under PUTIN

轉載"Vladimir PUTIN'S dictatorship was enabled by those who ignored the lessons of history and the warnings of people like Mr David Satter, who was right early and often during the fall of Russian democracy and the rise of PUTIN'S police state. Few can speak with so much authority and conviction on the triumphs and tragedies of modern Russia."
- Mr Garry Kasparov, chairman of the Human Rights Foundation, former world chess champion

The Less You Know, the Better You Sleep: Russia's Road to TERROR and DICTATORSHIP under YELTSIN and PUTIN




police state 警員國家(政府透過員警部門嚴格限制民眾自由)

conviction 堅信,深信;確信

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轉載In December 2013, Mr David Satter became the first American journalist to be expelled from Russia since the Cold War. The Moscow Times said it was not surprising that he was expelled, "it was surprising it took so long." Mr Satter is known in Russia for having written that the apartment bombings in 1999, which were blamed on Chechens and brought PUTIN to power, were actually carried out by the Russian FSB security police.

In this book, Mr David Satter tells the story of the apartment bombings and how Boris YELTSIN presided over the criminalization of Russia, while Vladimir PUTIN was chosen his successor, and how PUTIN has suppressed all opposition while retaining the appearance of a pluralistic state. As the threat represented by Russia becomes increasingly clear, Mr Satter's description of where Russia is and how it got there will be of vital interest to anyone concerned about the dangers facing the world today.

The Less You Know, the Better You Sleep: Russia's Road to TERROR and DICTATORSHIP under YELTSIN and PUTIN


be expelled
(被) 驅逐;除名;開除

apartment (尤指在同一樓層的)公寓套房

be blamed (被) 責備;責怪;歸咎於

Chechens 車臣人

preside over sth 掌管;主持(尤指正式會議或審判)

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轉載Ukraine celebrates the Orthodox Christmas, so all offices, including the Russian embassy, were open on December 25. Gruby, who was expecting my call, said he had a statement to read to me: "The competent organs have determined that your presence on the territory of the Russian Federation is undesirable." My application to enter Russia had been refused. The phrase "competent organs" is used in Russia to refer to the Federal Security Service (FSB). The formula "your presence is undesirable" is used in espionage cases. I had NEVER before heard it applied to a journalist.
In 1999, after four apartment buildings in Russia were blown up, killing hundreds of residents in their sleep and providing the pretext for starting the second Chechen war, which brought Vladimir PUTIN to power, I CONTENDED that the bombings were carried out by the FSB, NOT by Chechen rebels. I also argued that the decision in 2004 by Russian forces to open fire with flamethrowers on the gymnasium of the school in Beslan that had been seized by terrorists, killing 338 hostages, constituted a crime against humanity.

The Less You Know, the Better You Sleep: Russia's Road to TERROR and DICTATORSHIP under YELTSIN and PUTIN

Author: Mr David Satter

(俄羅斯/東) 正教

competent 有能力的;能幹的;稱職的

Federation 同盟,聯盟;聯邦

undesirable 令人討厭的;不受歡迎的

espionage (尤指獲取他國政治、軍事情報或商業情報的)間諜活動,間諜行爲,刺探活動

blow (sb/sth) up

pretext 藉口,托詞

CONTENDED 聲稱;斷言;主張


be seized

constituted 是;被看作,被視爲

a crime against humanity 有違人道的罪行

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轉載An example of the Russian success in manipulating Western observers was the Valdai Discussion Club, organized as a means of influencing the world's leading experts on Russia, both journalists and academics. One of the great attractions of the meetings was the opportunity to question PUTIN and other Russian officials (i.e., PUTIN'S cronies) in a supposedly informal setting. Russian officials were unfailingly generous with their time and hospitality, but they tightly controlled the proceedings, providing detailed answers to prepared questions and ignoring or giving short shrift to those that were even mildly critical. The participants, anxious not to offend their hosts for fear of not being invited back, engaged in self-censorship, as the Russian authorities knew they would. After the sessions, the participants in the "club" returned to the West, where they often cited their firsthand contact with Russian leaders and parroted what they were told.

The Less You Know, the Better You Sleep: Russia's Road to TERROR and DICTATORSHIP under YELTSIN and PUTIN

Author: Mr David Satter


manipulating (常指以不正當手段)操縱,控制

leading experts 頂級專家

academics 大學教師;學者

cronies (尤指願意提供或接受不正當幫助的當權者的)親朋好友,親信,密友

supposedly 想像上;大概;恐怕

setting 位置;環境

unfailingly 經久不衰地,一貫地

hospitality (待客用的)食物,飲料;招待,款待

proceedings 一系列事件;一系列活動

short shrift 忽視,冷落,怠慢

offend 冒犯;觸犯;得罪;惹惱

hosts 主人,東道主

engage in sth 參加;參與

self-censorship 自我約束;自律

cited 舉例,引證;援引;引用,引述

parroted 鸚鵡學舌般地複述,機械地複述

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轉載Understanding Russia is actually very easy, but one must teach oneself to do something that is very hard -- to believe the unbelievable. Westerners become confused because they approach Russia with a Western frame of reference, NOT realizing that Russia is a universe based on a completely different set of values. If a Westerner takes it for granted that the individual has inherent worth and is not just raw material for the deluded schemes of corrupt political leaders, he may not realize that in Russia this outlook is not widely shared. To grasp the reality of Russia, it is necessary to accept that PUTIN really is capable of blowing up hundreds of PUTIN'S own people to preserve PUTIN'S hold on power. PUTIN really is capable of ordering an attack with flamethrowers on a gymnasium full of defenseless parents and children. Once one accepts that the impossible is really possible, the DEGRADATION of the YELTSIN years and Vladimir PUTIN'S rise to power make perfect sense.

The Less You Know, the Better You Sleep: Russia's Road to TERROR and DICTATORSHIP under YELTSIN and PUTIN

Author: Mr David Satter


frame of reference

take sth for granted 認為…是理所當然的

inherent 內在的;固有的,生來就有的

worth 重要性;作用

the deluded 欺騙的,矇騙的

outlook 觀點,看法

grasp 理解,領悟,明白(尤指費解之事)

defenseless 沒有防衛能力的,不能自衛的


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Many thanks for your sharing !

轉載】During this fateful summer when Moscow was awash with rumors, I was friendly with a Russian political operative who was well connected to the higher levels of Russian power. When I met him, he told me about the growing fear in the Kremlin about the possibility of the YELTSIN government’s losing power and the rumors that Moscow would be the scene of a huge provocation. He said that the issue was the security of YELTSIN and his family in the case of a handover of power. If there was no agreement on terms, “YELTSIN and PUTIN will blow up half of Moscow.”

… I had NO illusions about Yeltsin and PUTIN, but it was HARD to imagine that YELTSIN who came to power through a peaceful anticommunist revolution with massive public support would MURDER his own people to hold on to power. Developing events were to change my mind.

The Less You Know, the Better You Sleep: Russia's Road to TERROR and DICTATORSHIP under YELTSIN and PUTIN

Author: Mr David Satter

對未來有重大 (負面) 影響的

awash 充滿的;充斥的;泛濫的

friendly with ( = a friend of)

operative 密探;特工人員

provocation 激怒;挑釁;挑釁的話

issue 問題;議題

handover (控制權或責任的) 移交

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轉載】The 1999 Apartment Bombings

In the summer of 1999, with the Boris YELTSIN era coming to an end, those at the pinnacle of power in Russia feared for their freedom and even their lives. There were signs of an economic recovery, BUT most citizens were still living in poverty and waiting months to be paid. The YELTSIN entourage was increasingly isolated and widely hated for its role in pillaging the country ... Many were convinced YELTSIN would NEVER surrender power.

In the twelve days from September 4 to the 16th, however, everything changed. Four apartment buildings were blown up in Moscow, Buinaksk, and Volgodonsk, and the controversies that wracked the country over corruption and privatization were SUDDENLY forgotten. Eight years of post-Soviet Russian history was telescoped into the shocking images of bodies being carried out of the rubble of bombed buildings.

Newly appointed prime minister Vladimir PUTIN expressed perfectly the country's desire for revenge. On September 24, he said, "We will pursue the terrorists everywhere. If they are in an airport, then in an airport, and ... "

PUTIN'S cronies said there was a "Chechen trail" in the bombings. The wording was UNUSUAL: NOT proof BUT a "trail." The Chechens insisted that they had NOTHING to do with the bombings, and NO proof of their involvement was ever adduced. But PUTIN'S forces were already fighting Chechen rebels in Dagestan, and the country was looking desperately for someone to blame. PUTIN'S forces had been opposed to further involvement in Chechnya, but in the wake of the apartment bombings, sentiment shifted. PUTIN'S forces were now ready for a new Chechen war.

The mystery of who bombed the apartment houses in 1999 ... To the extent that there is evidence as to the perpetrators, it points NOT to Chechen rebels but to YELTSIN, PUTIN, their cronies and the FSB.

The Less You Know, the Better You Sleep: Russia's Road to TERROR and DICTATORSHIP under YELTSIN and PUTIN

Author: Mr David Satter
Publisher: YALE University Press

(尤指在同一樓層的) 公寓套房

era 時代;年代

pinnacle 極點;頂點,頂峰

entourage (要人或名人的) 隨行人員,隨從

pillaging 掠奪,搶劫,劫掠

convinced 確信的,信服的

surrender 交出,放棄

were blown up (被) 毀掉;炸毀

controversies 爭議;爭論;爭辯

wracked 破壞;毀壞

privatization: the process of selling companies or organizations that are owned by the government to private investors

was telescoped (被) 縮短;變短

shocking 令人震驚的,令人極爲驚訝的

pursue 追趕;追捕;追擊

cronies (尤指願意提供或接受不正當幫助的當權者的) 親朋好友,親信,密友

Chechen 車臣的

trail 蛛絲馬跡,線索

ever 在任何時候;從來

was ... adduced (被)引證,舉出 (理由、證據等)

blame 責備;責怪;歸咎於

in the wake of sth 作為…的後果;隨…之後而來

Chechnya 車臣

sentiment 觀點;意見;看法;情緒

To the extent that 到…程度;到…地步;以至於

as to

perpetrators 犯罪者;行兇者;作惡者


FSB: The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation

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轉載】In fact, despite incontrovertible evidence that the PUTIN'S armed forces have committed systematic atrocities and war crimes in the course of both Chechen Wars, PUTIN'S international prestige has apparently not suffered much.
In January 2000, as Vladimir PUTIN took over the Russian presidency from the retired YELTSIN, he issued an ultimatum to the Chechen side. If the rebels (in PUTIN'S mindset) did not surrender, "all will be killed." That threat attracted the international community's attention. According to one Russian journalist, "The ultimatum was angrily condemned internationally. The Venerable U.S. President Mr Bill Clinton and European Union leaders announced that the policy -- killing everyone in a city where thousands of helpless civilians were holed up in basements -- was TOTALLY unacceptable." YET when no surrender was forthcoming, PUTIN carried out HIS threat, reportedly using fuel-air explosives that can clear out buildings and basements with high temperatures and shock waves more commonly associated with nuclear weapons.

The Chechen Wars

Author: Professor Mr Matthew Evangelista

Chechen 車臣的

incontrovertible proof/ evidence 無可辯駁的證據

systematic 有系統的,有計劃的

atrocity: an extremely cruel, violent, or shocking act

prestige 威信,聲望,威望

take (sth) over 接任;接管,接手

presidency 總統職務 (或任期)

ultimatum 最後通牒

mindset 思想傾向;思維方式;觀念模式

be condemned (被) (通常指出於道義而) 譴責,指責

the European Union 歐洲聯盟

helpless 無助的

hole up (somewhere) 躲藏,隱藏

basements 地下室

forthcoming 産生的;供應的;現成的

carry sth out 執行,貫徹,落實,完成

shock waves (爆炸、地震或超音速飛行物所産生的) 衝擊波

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轉載Geneva, Switzerland, March 17, 2000: Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International urge the UN to investigate massive alleged war crimes in Chechnya. Reports from the war zone depict wide-spread atrocities by the PUTIN’S forces, including more than 120 summary executions and hundreds of cases of arbitrary detention, beatings, and torture. Hundreds of civilians are held for ransom by the military. Refugees report the systematic RAPE of Chechen women by PUTIN'S soldiers. Villages are cut off from food and water, leading to wide-spread malnutrition and epidemic disease. The area is closed to journalists and international observers.

DEATH OF A DISSIDENT: The Poisoning of Mr Alexander Litvinenko and the Return of the KGB

Publisher: Free Press (A Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.)

the Geneva Convention 日內瓦公約 (由世界大部分國家簽署,規定戰爭期間如何對待作戰和非作戰人士的條約)

Amnesty International 大赦國際,國際特赦組織

massive 巨大的;大量的

alleged 被指控的

Chechnya 車臣

war zone 戰區

depict 描繪,描述,描寫

wide-spread 廣泛的;普遍的;遍佈的

atrocity: an extremely cruel, violent, or shocking act

summary (未經討論或法律程式) 立即的,速決的,草率的

execution 處決,處死

arbitrary 專斷的;武斷的;霸道的

ransom 贖金

systematic 有系統的,有計劃的

cut sth off 中斷,切斷 (電力、物資供應等)

epidemic 流行的;盛行的;肆虐的


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轉載The book is an ironic sidelong glance at the PUTIN'S era, where the FSB has (actually, in real life) one its best to cover itself in the mantle of the Church. Under the leadership of PUTIN'S crony Nikolay Patrushev, for example, in 2002 the FSB erected an Orthodox chapel for its members, who in earlier incarnations had IMPRISONED or KILLED 30,000 churchmen and women.

Black Wind, White Snow: The Rise of Russia's New Nationalism

Author: Mr Charles Clover

ironic 反語的;諷刺的

sidelong 斜眼看的 (地),睨視的 (地)

mantle (尤指前任留給繼任者的) 責任,衣缽

crony (尤指願意提供或接受不正當幫助的當權者的) 親朋好友,親信,密友

Orthodox  東正教的

chapel 教堂,禮拜堂

incarnations 化身

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回覆 10#  智安 的帖子

PUTIN APPOINTED the seven envoys ... and two more WERE army generals who had commanded the troops in Chechnya. //


ON MAY 13, 2000, six days after he was inaugurated, PUTIN signed his first decree and proposed a set of bills, all of them aimed, as PUTIN stated, at "strengthening vertical power." They served as the beginning of a PROFOUND restructuring of Russia's federal composition, or, put another way, as the beginning of the DISMANTLING of the country's democratic structures. One of the bills REPLACED ELECTED members of the upper house of the parliament WITH APPOINTED ones: two from each of Russia's eighty-nine regions, one appointed by the governor of the region and one by the legislature. Another bill allowed ELECTED governors to BE removed from office on MERE suspicion of wrongdoing, WITHOUT a court decision. The decree established seven PUTIN'S envoys to seven large territories of the country, each comprising about a dozen regions, each of which had its elected legislature and governor. The ENVOYS, appointed by PUTIN, would SUPERVISE the work of ELECTED governors.

PUTIN APPOINTED the seven envoys. Only two of them were civilians -- and one of these very much appeared to have the biography of an undercover KGB agent. Two WERE KGB officers from Leningrad, one WAS a police general, and two more WERE army generals who had commanded the troops in Chechnya. So PUTIN APPOINTED generals to WATCH over popularly ELECTED governors -- who could also now BE removed by the federal government.

The Man Without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir PUTIN

Author: Ms Masha Gessen

dismantle 廢除,取消;解散

inaugurate 使正式就職,為…舉行就職典禮

decree 法令,政令;命令

strengthen 增強,加強;鞏固

PROFOUND 強烈的;深沉的;極度的

federal 聯邦 (制) 的

composition 成分;構成;結構

legislature 立法機構

MERE 只不過的,僅僅的

wrongdoing 做壞事;違法犯罪

envoys 使者;使節;代表

undercover (爲給員警或政府搜集情報) 秘密工作的,私下進行的

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This is PUTIN (1)

轉載】The second Chechen war was pursued even MORE ruthlessly than the first. PUTIN'S aircraft bombed Chechnya INDISCRIMINATELY. PUTIN'S forces used ground-to-ground missiles and fuel air "vacuum" explosives, which have BEEN compared to low level tactical NUCLEAR weapons, AGAINST populated CIVILIAN areas. At the same time, thousands of Chechen males DISAPPEARED in security sweeps. The BARBARITY of PUTIN'S tactics prompted international pressure to end the war.


pursue 追求,從事,實行

ruthlessly 無情地;冷酷地;殘忍地

INDISCRIMINATELY 肆意地;任意地 (尤指帶來不良後果)

tactical (尤指核武器) 戰術性的


prompted 引起;導致;激起

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This is PUTIN (2)

【轉載】The seizure of the Theater on Dubrovka took place during a performance of Nord-Ost, the most popular musical in Russia. On October 23, shortly after 9 PM, just as the audience was settling in for the second act, forty male and female Chechen rebels entered the theater and moved rapidly down the aisles in the semi-darkness.
The rebels demanded an IMMEDIATE end to PUTIN'S war in Chechnya.
The hostages were allowed to use their cell phones. They told relatives to beg PUTIN to negotiate with the Chechen rebels and NOT to attack the theater. In the early hours of the siege, the rebels released MORE than a hundred hostages: children under twelve, Muslims, foreigners, and audience with serious medical conditions ... The rebels said that if PUTIN announced an end to the Chechen war and pulled troops out of one of Chechen region within twenty four hours, the remaining hostages would go free.

The Less You Know, the Better You Sleep: Russia's Road to TERROR and DICTATORSHIP under YELTSIN and PUTIN

Author: Mr David Satter




settle in 適應新環境,安頓下來

act (戲劇或歌劇的)幕

aisles (客機、電影院或教堂座席間的)走廊,過道,走道

a medical condition 內科疾病

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This is PUTIN (3)

For forty eight hours, the remaining hostages lived in a state of extreme tension ... On the evening of October 25, PUTIN suddenly agreed to negotiate. However, most of the hostages, overcome by fatigue, fell into a deep sleep.

At 5 AM, PUTIN'S FSB forces began pumping LETHAL gas into the theater through the ventilation system. After waiting about fifteen minutes for the lethal gas to take effect, members of the FSB'S Alfa and Wympel units equipped with flak jackets, gas masks, and assault weapons entered the theater in a two-pronged assault from the front and rear and began executing the rebels.

The Less You Know, the Better You Sleep: Russia's Road to TERROR and DICTATORSHIP under YELTSIN and PUTIN

Author: Mr David Satter



flak jackets 防彈背心

two-pronged 兩齒的

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