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[世界歷史] American Conspiracies

【轉載】The section of the Pentagon that was struck happened to be the headquarters for naval operations and intelligence, as well as housing quite a few accountants and budget analysts. Important Pentagon financial information disappeared in the aftermath of the attack. So it's quite a coincidence that, just the day before, BUSH'S Defense Secretary had announced publicly: "According to some estimates, we cannot track $ 2.3 trillion in transactions." That's right, not million, not even billion, that was trillion.

Author: Mr Jesse Ventura

was struck
(被) 擊,打;撞擊;碰撞;攻擊

housing 為…提供住處,收容;為…提供空間

aftermath (不愉快事件)結束後的一個時期;(不愉快事件的)後果

coincidence 同時發生;(尤指令人吃驚的)巧合,碰巧的事

trillion 萬億,兆 (美元)

transactions 交易(人們購買或出售物品,或兌換金錢貨幣)

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【轉載】Flight 77 disappeared from the FAA radar screen at 8: 56 AM, when it made an unauthorized turn to the south somewhere near the Kentucky-Ohio border. The only evidence that the plane was still flying and headed toward Washington were two phone calls that Ted Olson said he received from his wife Barbara onboard, not long before the Pentagon strike. Ted Olson was a longtime Republican operative who spearheaded the legal effort for BUSH in Florida after the disputed 2000 election, and then went to work in the Justice Department as Solicitor General (i.e., he is a BUSH'S crony). His wife was the only person who's reported to have mentioned box cutters. According to Olson, she said that "all passengers and flight personnel, including the pilots, were herded to the back of the plane by armed hijackers." Yup, 60-some people (including a weightlifter pilot), being held off by a few short, slender guys holding knives and box cutters.

At first, Olson said the calls were made from Barbara's cell phone. Except, high-altitude cell phone calls were pretty much impossible in 2001. Olson then changed his story to claim she'd used onboard phone to make a collect call. Except, American Airlines didn't have such phones on the Boeing 757s. Here's what the FBI reported in 2006, at the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui (the so-called twentieth hijacker ): Barbara Olson made only one call, an "unconnected call" that lasted "0 seconds."(i.e. BUSH'S crony was telling a DELIBERATE lie.)

Author: Mr Jesse Ventura


longtime: having existed or lasted for many years

operative 密探;特工人員

spearheaded 領導(攻擊、行動等);充當…的先鋒;帶頭做

disputed 爭論的

Solicitor General 副司法部長

crony (尤指願意提供或接受不正當幫助的當權者的)親朋好友,親信,密友

were herded (常指強迫性地)使集中在一起

slender 苗條的,纖細的

so-called 叫做…的,名叫…的;所謂的

DELIBERATE (常指壞事)有意的,故意的,蓄意的

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【轉載】The uncomfortable BUSH'S implication for the Council was clear: either it must back the US demand for forceful disarmament of Iraq -- and by implication (Iraq) regime change -- or it would be sidelined. For the UN, the options were stark: kowtow to the hegemon (BUSH), or face irrelevance.

But within the Council, there was little sense that Iraq posed a serious threat and consequently little support for an early resort to force. European Commission President Mr Romano Prodi warned that 'uniliteral US military action could destroy the keystone of US diplomacy, the global antiterrorist alliance. His Commissioner for external relations, Mr Christ Patten (the last governor of Hong Kong), criticized the notion of the 'axis of evil' as 'absolutist and simplistic', and warned of pending 'unilateralist overdrive'. German Chancellor Mr Gerhard Schröder ruled out German participation in an invasion of Iraq, whether or not there was a UN mandate, while French President Mr Jacques Chirac expressed 'great reservations'.

THE UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL AND WAR: The Evolution of Thought and Practice since 1945

(行動、事件、決定等的) 可能的影響 (後果)

forceful 強迫的

disarmament 裁軍

by implication 言下之意 (就是) …

regime change (由另一個國家迫使的) 政權更替

be sidelined 使靠邊;使不再發揮重要作用;(被) 排擠

stark 明擺着的

kowtow to 對 ... 卑躬屈膝

hegemon 霸權

irrelevance 不相干

posed 造成,引起

resort to sth (別無辦法的情況下) 訴諸,依靠,採用

uniliteral 單邊的;單方的

keystone (計劃、想法等的)基礎,主旨,基本原則

absolutist 專制政體的;專制制度的;專制主義的

simplistic 過分簡化的

overdrive 超速運作

Chancellor 總理

rule sth out 使…成為不可能,使…不可能發生;防止

mandate 授權;委任

reservations 存疑;保留意見;異議

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【轉載】The Betrayal of America: How the Supreme Court undermined the Constitution and appointed GEORGE W. BUSH as president

The Court majority, after KNOWINGLY transforming the votes of 50 million Americans into NOTHING and THROWING OUT all of the Florida undervotes (around 60,000), actually wrote that their ruling was intended to preserve "the fundamental right" to vote. This elevates audacity to symphonic and operatic level. The Court went on to say, after "stealing" the election from the American people, "None are more conscious of the vital limits on its judicial authority than are the members of this Court, and none stand more in admiration of the Constitution's design to leave the selection of the President to the American people."

Can you IMAGINE that ?

Author: Mr Vincent Bugliosi (the MOST compassionate and courageous lawyer in modern America)
Publisher: Nation Books; 2nd Paperback Edition edition (May 4, 2001)


undermined (常指逐漸地) 削弱信心、權威等,損害

the Constitution of the United States《美國憲法》

appointed 任命;委任

knowingly 故意地,蓄意地

transform 使徹底改觀;使大變樣

throw sth out 拒絕接受,否決 (計劃或想法);拒絕受理 (案件)

preserve 保護,維護;保存;保養

fundamental 基礎的;基本的;主要的

elevates 提升;提高;改進

audacity 大膽;勇氣

be conscious of sth/ sb 意識到;察覺到;感覺到

vital 必不可少的;極其重要的

judicial 司法的;審判(上)的

admiration 欽佩;羨慕;讚賞;欣賞

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【轉載】No one on radio or TV that I (the author, Mr Vincent Bugliosi) know of, not even liberal newspaper columnists who routinely savaged BUSH, said to BUSH, either in December or June, "What? Something's wrong here. You've been leading us to believe (because people understandably took what BUSH said as the equivalent of HIS having said this) for over two years that Hussein was involved in 9/11. Aren't you going to bring him back to America to be tried on charges of murdering 3,000 Americans?" TURNING Hussein OVER to the IRAQIS for CRIMES he COMMITTED in IRAQ, NOT bringing him to the UNITED STATES for CRIMES he committed in the UNITED STATES, was an UNEQUIVOCAL admission that BUSH knew (not just that, at the moment, BUSH hadn’t found any evidence) Hussein had NOTHING to do with 9/ 11. I (the author) kept waiting to hear someone say this, but not a peep, from anyone.

Author: Mr Vincent Bugliosi (the MOST compassionate and courageous lawyer in modern America)

Publisher: Vanguard Press


columnist (報紙、雜誌的) 專欄作家

savaged (動物) 兇猛地攻擊,撕咬

equivalent 等值的;相等的;等同的

turn sb over to sb 把 (罪犯) 交給 (警方等)

COMMITTED 做 (違法或錯誤的事);犯 (罪、錯)

UNEQUIVOCAL 完全的;表達明確的;毫不含糊的

peep 講話;答覆;牢騷

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【轉載】"Bin Laden Determined to strike in U.S.," BUSH WAS TOLD

Two months before the events of September 11th, 2001, an FBI agent in Phoenix named Mr Kenneth Williams sent a memo to the bureau brass in D.C. and New York. The responsible agent was warning about an unusually HIGH number of Muslims being trained at American flight schools, perhaps part of "a coordinated effort" by Osama bin Laden. His memo WAS IGNORED by BUSH.

A little more than a month befor 9/11, BUSH received an intelligence digest from the CIA with a two-page section titled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S." HOWEVER, BUSH HEADED for a month's vacation to HIS ranch in Crawford, Texas, right after that.

What these warnings -- and there were others -- tell me is that (a) either BUSH ALLOWED 9/11 to happen; (b) TOOK PART IN it happening , or (c) ... These warnings were SO plain and simple ......


Author: Mr Jesse Ventura with Mr Dick Russell


strike 突然侵襲;使受折磨;使遭受重創

vacation 休假, 渡假

ranch 大牧場,大農場


plain 清楚的,明顯的

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【轉載】BUSH'S "Stand Down Order" on September 11

The question that's haunted me from day one is how come the world's biggest military superpower was somehow oblivious to rogue airliners in American air space for MORE than an hour, and our top brass seemed so befuddled in terms of dealing with hijackers apparently using these FOUR planes as flying bombs. WHY couldn't our fighter jets intercept at least ONE of them ?!

Well, here's one possible explanation: BUSH'S Secretary of Defense, NEVER gave the go-ahead. Why? On June 1, 2001, the Joint Chiefs of Staff issued a NEW Instruction -- superseding one from 1997 -- that REQUIRED approval by BUSH's Secretary of Defense for any "potentially lethal support ... in the event of an aircraft piracy (hijacking)."

I sure would like to know WHY the question of BUSH doing this NEVER came up with the 9/11 Commission. Doesn't it seem important to have asked WHY that CRITICAL policy got CHANGED ONLY four months beforehand ?


Author: Mr Jesse Ventura with Mr Dick Russell

Stand Down


oblivious (尤指對周圍發生的事情) 毫不在意的,毫無知覺的,未察覺的

rogue 異常的;行為失常的;常製造麻煩的

airliners 大型客機,班機

top brass  高層;(尤指)高級軍官

befuddled  迷惑的,糊塗的

in terms of/ in ... terms 在…方面;從…方面來說;根據…來看

hijacker 劫持客機者

apparently 實際上

intercept 攔截,截住

go-ahead  (有關當局) 認可,許可

the Joint Chiefs of Staff  (美國) 參謀長聯席會議

superseding 替代,取代(尤指陳舊或過時之物)

potentially 潛在地;可能地

lethal 致命的;極其危險的

piracy 搶劫

CRITICAL 關鍵性的;決定性的;至關重要的

beforehand 事先,預先

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當 您一恐懼, 可能就會感到小布殊說的是 … , 但若 您能安定下來, 很自然會有令一番領悟 …

四部民航客機 (即 "無" 任何武裝), 竟能不可思議地擊敗全球第一美國軍方的四千億 "美元" (即 3,1000,000,000,000 港元) 最先進的防衛系統 ! 整個所謂恐襲過程竟又奇蹟地 “無” 一架 F-16 戰機進行升空攔截 !

9/11 慘劇後, 小布殊向全世界宣稱 9/11 慘劇的幕後總指揮是一個躲在寸草不生、民眾財盡的阿富汗的一個山洞的一個阿拉伯人!

P.S.小布殊八年都是以“創造”大恐懼、大慘劇治國 …

【轉載】According to the BUSH’S conspiracy theory, nineteen suicidal Middle Eastern Muslim hijackers, … hijacked FOUR airliners. (But NOT even one F-16 was scrambled to intercept) Reportedly, two planes were crashed into the Twin Towers of New York City’s World Trade Center, a third into the Pentagon, and the fourth crashed in rural western Pennsylvania after its passengers fought with the hijackers. This whole “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE” operation, miraculously able to defeat the the United States’ four-hundred-billion-dollar defense system, reportedly was under the total control a zealous Muslim cleric using a computer while hiding in a cave in Afghanistan.

THE TERROR CONSPIRACY: Deception, 9/11 and the Loss of Liberty

Author: Mr Jim Marrs
Publisher: disinformation

conspiracy 陰謀;密謀;謀劃

was scrambled
(使)(飛機) 緊急起飛

intercept 攔截

miraculously 不可思議地

four-hundred-billion-dollar 4千億美元 ( 3,1000,000,000,000 港元)

Deception 欺騙;欺詐;隱瞞

Liberty 自由

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【轉載】A devious miracle apparently took place on September 11. Like Mr David Chandler said, “Free fall can ONLY be achieved if there is ZERO resistance to the motion.” Interestingly, the final NIST report NO longer said anything about its analysis being “consistent with physical principles.” SURPRISINGLY, they DIDN’T admit anything about a professional demolition job. BUT a professional DEMOLITION job was the ONLY way this could have happened. Building 7 DIDN’T come down because heat from fires caused the steel to weaken and collapse. It WAS assisted to the ground by some type of EXPLOSIVE DEVICE that could remove all resistance.


Author: Mr Jesse Ventura with Mr Dick Russell

devious 精心設計的


consistent with 一致的,吻合的;符合的


demolition 炸除,炸毀

EXPLOSIVE DEVICE ( = a bomb) 炸彈

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【轉載】The "Free Fall" of Building 7

The third skyscraper that got reduced to rubble on September 11 was the 47-story World Trade Center Building 7, which went down late that afternoon. According to the government, the reason was fires caused by the collapse of the Twin Towers. What I wondered about from the front was, how come fires had never before destroyed a steel skyscraper ?

Here's the rub: Building 7 came down so fast that it was at virtually the same rate as a free-falling object. Members of the 9/11 Truth Movement have been pointing this out for years. But that didn't jive with the offical story, because free fall can only take place when an object has no structural components below it. And the only way that could happen to a building would be to remove the lower structural components with an external force like explosives. Otherwise, you'd be defying Newton's laws of physics.


Author: Mr Jesse Ventura with Mr Dick Russell

Free Fall
(重力作用下的) 自由下落,自由落體運動

skyscraper 摩天大樓

reduce sth to sth 將 (尤指大型建築物) 徹底摧毀;將…夷為平地

story 樓層,層

wondered 感到驚訝,覺得驚奇

how come 怎麼會?為甚麼?

the rub 問題,困難,障礙

virtually 幾乎;實際上;實質上

jive with sth 與…一致,與…相符

explosives 炸藥,爆炸物;引爆裝置

defying 對抗;違抗;反抗

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Many unanswered questions concern the collapses of the towers at the World Trade Center (WTC). But due to the premature and ILLEGAL cleansing of Ground Zero by BUSH, these crucial issues may never be definitively answered. These questions include the controversy concerning HOW relatively minor fires could have brought down steel-frame buildings, the UNPRECEDENTED speed of their collapse; the cause of their apparent PULVERIZATION into fine dust; multiple reports of BOMBS in the building; and the MYSTERY surrounding the collapse of Building 7, which was NOT hit by hijacked planes NOR subjected to intense fire.

THE TERROR CONSPIRACY: Deception, 9/11 and the Loss of Liberty

Author: Mr Jim Marrs
Publisher: disinformation


ABOUND 大量存在;有很多

Ground Zero (毀於2001年9月11日恐怖襲擊的) 紐約世界貿易中心遺址

definitively 徹底地

controversy 爭議;爭論;爭辯

frame (建築物、車輛或傢俱的) 構架,支架,骨架

UNPRECEDENTED 史無前例的,空前的;絕無僅有的

pulverize: verb 把 (某物) 壓 (或磨) 成粉

subject sb/sth to sth 使承受,使遭受


Deception 欺騙;欺詐;隱瞞

Liberty 自由

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【轉載】And what about the question of accountability? Was September 11 simply a case of bungling incompetence, as BUSH claims? To many thoughtful people, it is unsettling that NOT one individual within the federal government or military has been fired or even reprimanded for the many obvious BUSH'S missteps of that day. Indeed, MANY of those RESPONSIBLE for FAILURES were actually PROMOTED. MANY have interpreted this LACK of discipline as evidence that BUSH'S actions on September 11 were NOT missteps at all.

THE TERROR CONSPIRACY: Deception, September 11 and the Loss of Liberty

Author: Mr Jim Marrs

Publisher: disinformation

accountability: a situation in which someone is responsible for things that happen and can give a satisfactory reason for them


incompetence 無能力;不勝任,不稱職

thoughtful 體貼的,關心的

unsettling 令人不安的,使人擔憂的

the federal government 聯邦政府

reprimanded (受到) 訓斥;申斥;譴責

missteps = mistakes

discipline 控制能力,駕馭能力


Deception 欺騙;欺詐;隱瞞

Liberty 自由

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【轉載】And perhaps MOST important of all is this CRUCIAL question: WHY did there appear to be such a systematic failure of response on the part of our air defense authorities?

Both American Flight 11 and United Flight 175 were KNOWN to BE OFF course by 8:15 am, YET NORAD was NOT notified for almost TWENTY minutes. WHY the LONG delay? It then required ANOTHER fifteen minutes before jet interceptors were ordered off the ground at Otis AFB, entailing a TOTAL delay of MORE than THIRTY minutes – according to independent chronologies. Even so, we NOW know that the F-15s STILL had ENOUGH time to reach the World Trade Center in time to intercept Flight 175 before it hit the second tower. Simple calculations using NORAD’s own numbers reveal that the fighters were flying at FAR less than their top speeds.

THE TERROR CONSPIRACY: Deception, September 11 and the Loss of Liberty

Author: Mr Jim Marrs
Publisher: disinformation

CRUCIAL 至關重要的;關鍵的;決定性的

systematic 有條理的,有系統的,有計劃的

authorities 當局;官方;當權者

NORAD 北美空防司令部

interceptor 攔截機

entail 使必要;牽涉

chronology 按事件發生的年代排列的順序;(大事) 年表

in time 及早,及時


Deception 欺騙;欺詐;隱瞞

Liberty 自由

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【轉載】This is what BUSH actually did -- or did not do -- according to Mr Stan Goff, a retired twenty-six-year U.S. Army veteran who has taught Military Science and Doctrine at West Point. Mr Goff writes ("The So-called Evidence is a Farce"): "I have no idea why people aren't asking some very specific questions about the actions of BUSH on the day (i.e. 9/ 11) of the attacks. FOUR planes get hijacked and deviated from their flight plan, all the while on FAA radar." Incidentally, Mr Goff, like the other astonished military experts, CANNOT fathom why the government's automatic "standard order of procedure in the event of a hijacking was NOT followed. Once a plane has deviated from its flight plan, fighter planes are sent up to find out why. That is mandatory law and does NOT require presidential approval, which only needs to be given if there is a decision to shoot down the plane.

DREAMING WAR: Blood for Oil and the Cheney-BUSH Junta

Author: Mr Gore Vidal
Publisher: Nation Books


Farce 滑稽的情景;荒唐的舉動;鬧劇

deviated 偏離,背離,分離

all the while 整段時間;一直

FAA: abbreviation for Federal Aviation Administration: a US government organization that makes the rules relating to planes and airports in the US and makes sure that these rules are obeyed

Incidentally 順便說一句

fathom 弄清;理解

standard operating procedure 標準操作程式

hijacking 劫持 (飛機或車輛)
mandatory 強制的;必須履行的;法定的

Junta (以武力奪取政權的) 軍政府

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Many thanks.

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