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標題: [新聞轉貼] 般奴星期五踢多場, 便知成魔與否 [打印本頁]

作者: ringolee523    時間: 2020-1-16 11:49 AM     標題: 般奴星期五踢多場, 便知成魔與否

SoB 要睇多場先wor......

Bruno Fernandes’ move to Manchester United will be completed after Sporting’s game against Benfica this week, according to a prominent Portuguese journalist.
Fernandes’ proposed switch to Old Trafford has been one of the key talking points throughout the January transfer window so far, with rumours of a £65million bid from United.
He was even allegedly scouted in person by Red Devils boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who wanted to take one final look at the 25-year-old before signing off on a deal.
United are in no rush to complete the signing with more than half the month to go before the January transfer window closes, but it appears the move could be wrapped up over the coming days.
According to Portuguese journalist Goncalo Lopes, the deal will be closed after Sporting’s next game, which is against fierce rivals Benfica on Friday.
This means Fernandes could arrive at Old Trafford over the weekend, which would rule him out making his debut vs Liverpool on Sunday.
He could, however, play against Burnley three days later when the Red Devils host Sean Dyche’s side.
Solskjaer has been hunting for a player to improve Man United’s midfield and Fernandes appears to fit the bill perfectly.
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應該係曼唔肯加錢,士死都要佢踢埋呢場打比戰,應該踢完就done deal
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