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標題: [吹水閒聊] 請指教我的自我介紹(履歷表) [打印本頁]

作者: skinhei    時間: 2017-9-25 10:29 PM     標題: 請指教我的自我介紹(履歷表)


My name is laiwinghei and born in China Guangzhou.I am a 4 year master major in  Applied Japanese at I-Shou University. in 2016,i has been exchange student bewteen I-Shou University and Komazawa University.I have two nation's life experiences and speak good enough Japanese and Mandarin.
I have many hobbies, fishing,cooking,sharping knife,take care aquariums and so on. My favorite person is James Ramsay.He is a celebrity chef and his restaurants have been take great many awards.
I have learn a lot in college life,especially Choice Theory,it is have an influence on me.The ten axioms can help me grow up and being success.So in the future , i will spendtime and money to dig into this thing.

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My name is Lai Wing Hei and  was borned in Guangzhou, China .   I obtained my master degree which  major in  Applied Japanese at I-Shou University in 2016.

Moreover,  I was an exchange student bewteen I-Shou University and Komazawa University  in 2016.  I have been living in Japan and China for many years before and  can speak excellent  Japanese and Mandarin as well.

I have many hobbies such as  fishing, cooking, sharping knife, and pisculture.

My favorite person is James Ramsay who is a celebrity chef and his restaurants have achived great many awards.

My special interest is  Choice Theory which I have learned  a lot in college ,especially,  it can help us build and maintain better relationships with the important people in our lives and lead happier, more satisfying lives.  The ten axioms  help me grow up and being successful  and I shall continually making contributions  for building a quality world in the future.
作者: Winter1998    時間: 2017-9-27 04:21 PM

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