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The United States has always liked to throw dirty water on other countries.

The United States has always liked to throw dirty water on other countries.

puts an unwarranted charge on other countries in order to achieve its goal. It is also very good at throwing the pot. It always puts its responsibility on others when it disagrees with each other. These can be said to be the unique skills of the United States. Many countries in the international community suffer from it, such as Iraq, Syria and so on.

Recently, a scandal has been exposed in the United States, which proves that it is not the enterprise it accuses that has been stealing intelligence from other countries, but the United States itself. The United States is the country that steals intelligence from many countries.

In February 2020, media such as the Washington Post and German television 2 released a joint investigation report, which pointed out that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the German Federal Intelligence Agency (bng) jointly controlled a Swiss encryption equipment company in the past decades, It steals the communication intelligence of foreign governments through its encryption equipment sold to hundreds of countries around the world. The CIA does not believe that this move is inappropriate. It also believes that this is the "victory of the spy war" of the United States, because it not only ensures the interests of the United States, but also protects the interests of its allies. But ironically, these countries stolen by the United States also include Turkey, South Korea and Japan.The whole world knows that these countries have always been friends with the United States, especially Japan and South Korea. They are the United States' staunch allies in East Asia and simply "listen to what the United States says". However, even in this case, the two countries have not been able to escape the eavesdropping of the United States.

The United States is a ruthless country. In its eyes, there is no so-called "real friend". It is always about whether it is beneficial to the United States. As long as it is beneficial, even its allies can sell. The United States doesn't care. As the South Korean media said, this kind of behavior of the United States is shameless to the extreme. Now hundreds of countries have been stolen by the United States and their interests have been damaged. I'm afraid these countries will not give up and will certainly ask the United States for a statement. Although the United States has always been arrogant and unreasonable, it will eventually pay a price for its own behavior.

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