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[出讓] VFC MP7, LBT AOR2, S.o.Tech P.C. , Esstac , MayFlower , Holosun

VFC MP7, LBT AOR2, S.o.Tech P.C. , Esstac , MayFlower , Holosun

葵芳  MTR   至    粉嶺站 KCR
Kwai Fong  Mtr   >  University Kcr

VFC MP7A1 Navy Version Gbb
3 mags 1 Grip
** Red Dot is NOT included **
90% new, only played 3 games
2 mags almost new
Everything work well

LBT-1961A AOR2 Chest Rig 330D
Devgru Seal team Rare
London Bridge Trading
Condition: used , quite new

🇺🇸 S.o.Tech Viper Vest Marine Plate Carrier - RG
Ranger Green color
Medium size
With Shoulder Pads
$1400  NEW

Rocky C4T Trainer Military Duty Boot
If u wear Eu 42.5 , UK 8.5 shoes , it will fit .
Likes new , only wear once.
860g a pair , super light weight
The boots lightweight EVA/rubber outsole resists anything training can throw at it: slips, oils, heat, abrasions, chemicals and metal chips.
Helping you focus on the task at hand, this is water-resistant and fast-drying military boot.

BHi CQC 19 Holster
from 🇺🇸 唔啱插
可換 BHi CQC 17 / Omnivore Left TLr
or 我補錢換↓ BLACKHAWK! Omnivore Multi-fit Pistol Holster ( Left ; TLR-1/2 )

Esstac Daeoton Panel -MC
Vertac Wingman Chest Rig / Panel
Holds 2x M4 mag,
1x Double Stack Pistol Mag,
1x Tourniquet ,
2x General Purpose Pouch with Pull tabs,
holds radio or M4 mag or similar sized items.
likes 🆕 condition

MayFlower Mag pouch set - MC
made in USA
Holds 4x M4 mags , and 3 pouches
Never in game
Ultra Light weight

🆕 USA 防割工程手套 size M/L , 硬身 原價 360 左右 合大手人士

Marui Desert Eagle DE.50 Gas magazine

VFC 沙色 LMT 柄

Holosun HS406C Tube Parallax Free 2 MOA Red Dot Sight
( Solar, 50000hr )
used, work well
missed one sight adjust cover

US Bushnell AR223 1-4*24 tactical scope
Drop zone 5.56 reticle
Fully Multi coating Lenses Target Turrets
30mm mount tube

Cybergun FNX with Leupold Deltapoint
一槍一匣  正常操作 ,
匣 無漏 無脹
落場一兩次後 , 長期收藏 好新淨
前後sight改夜光 ;
後sight diy 鑽孔方便 tune Deltapoint (真槍有同樣改法)

Leupold DeltaPoint
Great Condition
7.5 MOA trianger reticle
one optic , 2 screws

SUREFIRE  x  Larue Mount assemble ( 250 Lumens LED )
Excellent condition
work well
$1300  with pressure pad
Main Frame + Larue Mount

New USA ATI Remington 870 Pistol Grip Forend
for DM / PPS 870

NEW Spyderco摺刀 高仿 精鋼製作

US Maxpedition pistol mag pouch
with molle attach clip x2
can hold 9mm / .45 / Kc02 mags

2 new Pouchs [ tmc , pantac ,  '' Black one sold '' ]

Taiwan Nut At-81a Vhf walkie  (NO ptt included)
Charger included
Working But need to reset to factory mode before use
( Cant find Manual )

90% Rasputin AOR1 (TAN)
Custom spray paint to darken

G&P Steel Outer Barrel for M4 aeg

1 Proud 14mm- MP9 Steel Tracer adaptor for KSC KWA   $120
2 Modified Adaptor for TMP silencer For TMP silencer & 14mm- Thread )  $240

正版 SmithOptic "Red" Goggle
Likes new
$100  only  / 換 透明

Palladium Men's 'Pallabrouse LC' Canvas Low Italy Military Boot in Navy Blue
Size 42.5   ,   rare !!

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