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[英格蘭] '傳' 阿仙奴向韋舒亞提出續4年, 想賣佢既人失望啦

'傳' 阿仙奴向韋舒亞提出續4年, 想賣佢既人失望啦


Arsenal are reportedly set to hand Jack Wilshere a four-year contract to prevent the midfielder leaving for free when his current deal expires in 2018.

Wilshere will be out of contract next summer, but the Gunners are moving quickly to offer him a new deal, according to Steve Stammers of the Mirror. Stammers noted how "manager Arsene Wenger has held talks with the 25-year-old midfielder to assure him he has a future at the north London club."

Wenger's assurances and continued faith in Wilshere's talent has Arsenal hopeful the player will agree a new contract soon, per Stammers: "Talks about a new deal for Wilshere, whose current contract expires at the end of the season, have already started and Arsenal are hopeful an agreement will be reached by the end of the year to keep him at the club until 2022."

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