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Mike Ashley又有嘢講: 只要啱價就會賣球會

Mike Ashley又有嘢講: 只要啱價就會賣球會


Mike Ashley says he WILL sell Newcastle United to anybody who can prove they are wealthier than him.

The club attracted interest from the Far East earlier in the summer but no bids for United were forthcoming and Newcastle boss Rafa Benitez has had to push on in the transfer market without much backing in the last three months.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Ashley said he would sell to the right bidder. He commented: “If somebody would like come along and take this seat and fund Newcastle with a nought on the end with their wealth more than me, I will not stand in Newcastle United’s way.

“One of the reasons I’m doing this interview is that I don’t think you’ll find there’s many people out there who will actually stand up and do it.

“I think we’re going to be together a good while longer and we’ve got the man in Rafa and let’s hope that we can generate some funds and we give him some chance to get some building blocks going over the coming years.”

Ashley also stated he had no more personal funds to plough into the club.

He said: “I’ve put my £250million into the football club.

“Guys, that’s it.

“There’s no more from me.

“Now the club has to generate its own money.”


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