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[吹水閒聊] IELTS 範文分享

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In some countries around the world, men and women are having children late in life. What are the reasons for this development? What are the effects on society and family life?



We are living in the world, where life pace is being accelerated and life pressure is being intensified. It is quite common these days that married couples give birth very late for some reasons.

One of the root causes of this tread is how modern people work. Male or female workers spend most time performing projects, meeting business partners and taking commercial activities, but with less leisure. They become poorer in physical and mental health. In  fear that the poor conditions may decline their next generation, the would rather postpone producing and breeding babies until they get out of stresses.

This development does harm to social development. It is predicable that the society as a whole will be faced with scarcity of labor force in a period. Furthermore, the side effect will cause such serious social issues as economic depression, where a large number of factories will collapse lacking in workers.

Not only this, family might be badly affected in the development. As is all known, children are considered as sources of fun, common topics and life goal. Parents try to compromise each other in family matters, considering the bad effects made on their children. Otherwise, the conflicts might lead to divorce.

In sum, I feel that late birth is neither good to healthy growth of the society nor beneficial to setting up a happy family, so modern people should be encouraged to make a good shift of their working style and set up family with children early to enjoy a genuinely brilliant family life.
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