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[物理] I observe an econophysics cult article!

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What is the source of PTGF/PTBF phenomenon?

There exist several experiments on mice. The scientist wanna observe what will happen in an over-population environment.
Then they observe homosexuality between males, lose of maternal ability among females, committing suicide and so on. All these lead to abolishing of reproduction function between mice and the population of mice plummets eventually. This is a physical occurrence, and economists have invented "the law of diminishing marginal return" (LDMR) to explain it.

LDMR states that when there is a growth of single factor of production, under ceteris paribus (i.e. all other factors remain unchanged in quantity), the marginal return will eventually vanish (i.e. convexity of absolute return will be less than zero).

Now we observe human population today. The population (and thus the price level) keeps rising, while all other factors, such as salary and technology level, remain unchanged. Then human productivity (and thus morality) as absolute return will eventually drop. PTGF/PTBF phenomenon mirrors slumping morality between human. Our mankind is regressing!

Is such an amateur cult speech reasonable or absurd?

[ 本帖最後由 doraemonserv 於 2017-4-23 07:06 AM 編輯 ]
A Good Analyzer Must Be A Good Collector.
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This is complete bull@@.
Treating "population" as "investment"  and "productivity" as "return"!?
You may apply that to a private company but certainly NOT human society in the macro scale.

The article also take the facts wrongly or naively.
How do you assert "over-population"? See india, its population is still rising despite poor infrastructure. See Japan, a fully developed nation and not that populous but population is already dropping.

Salary do not rise for the common worker, but not for the capitalist and landlord, and it is partly a result of incomplete globalization where some area suppressing salary for sake of global competitiveness, and mostly... capitalist mentality. It is a conscious decision made by some government and investor, not a natural phenomenon.

Technology level IS rising, albeit a lot slower in many area since 1970s. This has a lot to do with the (crumbling) academic system and funding.

Productivity does not really drop, depending on how you evaluate it (local vs global). Relating it morality is even more absurd.(a matter of social policy, culture and education)

Over-population for other living things in a controlled environment easily reproducible with a boom-and-bust growth pattern. In simpler life form  such as bacteria, it is a result of nutrient availability and accumulation of metabolic waste. This also applies to higher animal, but social behavior adds to the complexity... such as mental stress and outright violence

原帖由 doraemonserv 於 2017-4-23 07:04 AM 發表

Is such an amateur cult speech reasonable or absurd?
i think it is reasonable.

究竟我們人類 (或至少 uwant 的網友),是否沒有能力在 不標懺化或侮辱他人的情況下理性地討論?

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I cannot see any knowledge about econophysics .

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