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[接龍] foodie

[接龍] foodie

Hi I want to express my genuine opinion on the recent incident with bubble fresh cafe 糖百府, later on I would use you to address those two bosses.
We all know why the UK gov issues BNO VISA, first August didnt know there was an old aunt at all, you can not blame him , that is not fair. And how do u know he has no contribution to bros, and I didnt see any points he denies your effort, nor did I see he think your effort is hilarious.

I am not trying to make waves or provocation, you said you used Red Book because of an old aunt. Well let's suppose you didnt know before what it was. you should not mention her again for making her second trauma when she reads it.More importantly it was you who chose to do so, if you insist it is correct,then keep doing.
However since you took it back, you might know not only the Red Book have a problem , so was your reply.I am sure you are man enough to be responsible rather than just saying buying cars or houses in your channel.
Besides, she was upset probably because she knew you got attacked in facebook, but how come? Because thats not the action Bros support, so please bear in mind the fact that she cried because it is not proper in yellow circle not because August is wrong or offensive.

You talked about Old HK or Old Chinesewell never mind, you said that we should not differentiate or repel them, well see Dr K piano incident But its not a secret most of them are pro Chinese gov, I hope u did say that not because of the large population in downtown near Universities. What if they know you helped the brothers in a big time, I cant imagine that, bro

In the critical time and with the coming law 23 and goldfingers, it is not absoutely safe for you to be back HK. Moreover you did help them with the mail delievery. You certainly know Mr Kwok who sadly is wanted by them. Yet you still in your channel go back in a high profile, would you respect some bros who cant go back to their family.

I appreciate your effort on the contribution to Chinese Community the UK, but I believe everyone has a right to express them free. Perhaps August could really have talked nicely rather than with huge sarcasm. Being a small person do not make us feel inferior neither do not make persons with contribution superior.
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Thanks for reading

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