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[吹水] What is it like wearing braces? Share the experience of orthodontics

[吹水] What is it like wearing braces? Share the experience of orthodontics

I pulled out a wisdom tooth not long ago, and it took several hours to get it done. After solving this hidden danger, I began to seriously consider whether to do orthodontics. Now I have started to wear aligners, and I have been insisting on it for almost a month. Let me share with you my initial experience and feelings.

Share the experience of orthodontics
1. The purpose of orthodontics
Many people find it troublesome to do orthodontic braces and give up altogether. Nowadays, orthodontics is regardless of age. There are people at all ages who do orthodontics. I do treatments just to make my teeth look more beautiful.

2. Suggestions from professionals
Of course, the dentist will do psychological construction with me again and again: people of all ages wear braces for correction, don't worry, age is not a problem. But to break through this psychological barrier, I admit it is still quite difficult.
3. Started to try to wear braces
The problem with my teeth is not too serious, and the bite is a bit problematic. Although the doctor said that the bite is OK every time I see my teeth, the actual situation is that the problem is getting more and more obvious. After the last wisdom tooth was extracted, it was evaluated. If the correction is to be done, there is no need to extract the teeth, just a few teeth can be shaved slightly. It sounds acceptable.

When I had nothing to do at home, I found that I couldn't control my mouth, and I gained a lot of weight. It has become a bad habit to always eat something before going to bed every day. After comprehensive consideration, let's give it a try and practice, and feel the medical service firsthand. Of course, you also need to restrain yourself. I'm still wondering, and I'm not sure how long I can last, maybe one day I feel annoying, so I just stop orthodontic treatment.

4. The benefits of wearing invisible braces
There will be friends who think the clear aligner price is expensive, but they are discouraged. The invisible braces are really not cheap. But such an investment, if you treat the money spent on teeth as an investment, such an investment is often overvalued. Especially young friends, taking advantage of their youth, the sooner they do, the greater the benefits. Make some investment in your own teeth, the lowest income is several times.

5. The feeling of wearing braces
It will be a little painful to put on braces, but don't underestimate your ability to adapt. After a few days, the discomfort gradually disappears. The problem of brushing teeth is also solved, just brush after eating. Before every meal, there is a sense of ritual.

6. Braces cleaning problem
The hygiene of the braces itself is also prone to problems, it will smell after a long time, and even if it is brushed, it will still smell vaguely. A friend from afar sent me a box of sterile effervescent tablets, which was great and solved this problem very well.

7. Life changes after wearing braces
Living habits have been forced to make many changes. I cant buy a cup of coffee for an afternoon. The coffee can be drunk. I take the braces off and drink it in the shortest time. At least I can only do this for now.
After wearing braces, eating is too troublesome. Before going to bed, I can skip eating without eating. Basically, I say goodbye to snacks, not to mention knocking melon seeds.
The more troublesome thing is how to solve the problem of eating at work every day. Since I started wearing braces, I haven't ordered a takeout. In order to save trouble, every meal is as simple as possible.

If you are busy at work, such as some mental workers who are more concerned about your health, then it is recommended to buy some nutritious food to prepare. You can come for a little bit if you miss a meal during breakfast or overtime. You can also balance various nutrients when you have a lot of entertainment.

Some people will ask, can eating this food be nutritious? Isn't it more reassuring to eat? Contrary to most people's intuition, eating too much takeaway may be really unhealthy. When we eat our daily meals, the nutrition may not be balanced, let alone healthy, such as excessive intake of sugar or excessive intake of sodium. Great harm to the body.

In fact, the whole process of wearing braces is not so terrible. After about 2 years, you will be able to improve your current oral condition, and then you will be able to smile confidently. When you are young, go to the dentist early, don't drag, don't think that your teeth are healthy, there may be a lot of hidden dangers.

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