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[英文科] HKDSE English Language Question Review (2019-09-01)

HKDSE English Language Question Review (2019-09-01)

We shall concentrate on reading first.


Overseas magazines and newspapers like The Guardian and The Economist often offer complex sentence structure. If you can illustrate the structure in your writing, you are ready to earn Band 7 or above in IELTS.

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About Parallelism


If we say "do not create carbon emission",
it will violate the affirmative tone of the previous 2 verbs.

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On Internet Addiction


Writing short essay does not mean that it is easy to handle. To be precise and concise, mainland English exams will very often impose word ceiling, which seems annoying to many local "water-blowers" and "point-exploders".

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What are the blessings of learning a Greek?


When you tackle DSE English Speaking Part 2 (Individual Response), NEVER perfunctorily utter one or two sentences and then stop, or examiners will ask more questions to fill up the whole one minute. Variety of sentence structure is a must to yield higher marks.

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Nuances on phrasal verb

When to use "except" and "except for"?

I won't consider putting in classical Lolita except for performance arts, as l am not a girl.

Tsuen Wan public library is open daily except Monday mornings.

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Native tones

Given a speaking question prompt:

Many people enjoy chewing betelnuts. What do you feel?

And below is a native response:


1. Fill up with = occupied with

2. disgusting = a nuisance

3. spit out = ejecting

4. clear = clean up

5. landslide = soil running down the hill

6. object = disagree

7. ban = prohibit


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