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[中國歷史] 感懷婦難, 終身少買日貨、少日遊 ...

感懷婦難, 終身少買日貨、少日遊 ...

Title: THEY WERE IN NANJING: The Nanjing Massacre Witnessed by American and British Nationals
Author: Professor Mr SUPING LU

No sooner had victorious Japanese troops marched into China's capital, Nanjing, on 13 December 1937, than atrocities were committed to civilian residents and disarmed Chinese soldiers in and around the city. The world's attention was drawn to the incident known as the "Rape of Nanking" or the "Nanjing Massacre" not only because of its enormous scale, but also due to the fact that in the fallen city there were twenty-seven western nationals, five of whom were American and British correspondents. The reports by these journalists gave instant prominence to the event even when the massacre was in progress. For the following months, English media around the world continued the coverage of the incident with materials smuggled out through diplomatic channels by American missionaries still trapped in the city.


no sooner ... than 剛…就…;一…就…

atrocities 兇惡的行為,殘暴的行為

commit 做(違法或錯誤的事);犯(罪、錯)

correspondents 通訊員,記者

prominence 顯著,有名

give prominence to ( = put in a noticeable position)

coverage 新聞報道

smuggled 走私;(常指非法)偷運

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一定要買日本電飯煲,否則燒柴煮飯咩? 日本風光如畫,日本姑娘又美麗,所以一定要經常到日本旅遊。
已故中國總理 周恩來曾經講過: 中日人民耍世世代代友好下去,所以誰企圖挑起中日民族仇恨,就是反共反華!

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回覆 2#  swh2010 的帖子

Use Philips

Watch 日本風光 on Youtube, free of charge!

誰 … 挑起中日民族仇恨?
The Japanese government STILL denies Nanjing massacre today. Therefore, 是誰挑起中日民族仇恨?

[ 本帖最後由 騰杰 於 2018-6-10 05:21 PM 編輯 ]

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回覆 2#  swh2010 的帖子

不用理會那些偏激的極端份子, 香港廣大市民及國內大部份同胞, 仍然會買日本電器, 揸日本品牌的汽車( 歐洲車太昂貴 ),

樓主孤掌難鳴, 能奈得我們咩何???

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回覆 4#  eozhou71 的帖子

香港廣大市民及國內大部份同胞, 仍然會買日本電器, 揸日本品牌的汽車//

猶太人 respect their grandparents, but some Chinese do not, therefore, the latter love 買日本電器, 揸日本品牌的汽車 ...

South Korea ...

Strangely, the total number of 猶太人 on the globe is very small, BUT their influence is very great ... The reason is quite simple, they are

孤掌 ...//
ONLY by my 孤掌 themselves, in ten years, i can avoid/ prohibit 十幾萬 HK dollars flowing into Japan ...therefore, don't 看不起 our
孤掌 ...

[ 本帖最後由 騰杰 於 2018-6-11 10:17 AM 編輯 ]

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我不喜歡韓國車,經濟許可就買歐洲車或美國車,不然就買日本車,so what??

[ 本帖最後由 swh2010 於 2018-6-10 10:46 PM 編輯 ]

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回覆 6#  swh2010 的帖子

... 日本産品支持者嗎??/

i won't ... many friends of mine love 日貨

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感懷婦難, 終身少買日貨、少日遊 ...

Title: THEY WERE IN NANJING: The Nanjing Massacre Witnessed by American and British Nationals
Author: Professor Mr SUPING LU

With the passage of time, Westerners who experienced the Nanjing Massacre have departed one by one. F. Tillman Durdin was probably the last to leave us. He passed away on 7 July 1998, at the age of ninety-one. Fortunately, many of their eyewitness accounts were kept and collected by major universities and church historical societies across the U.S. Some were discovered in their personnel files in these institutions, some were among personal files donated by their families, while others were found in the archives of their friends who had kept correspondence with them. Among these archival materials, the American missionaries' letters, diaries, reports and other documents kept in Yale Divinity School Library's China Mission Collection notably stand out. Altogether fourteen American missionaries were in Nanjing when the massacre took place. Yale's China Mission Collection alone possesses eyewitness accounts by nine of them.

the passage of time 時間的流逝

accounts 報導;報告;記述;描述

societies 組織;社團;協會


correspondence (尤指兩個人之間的)通信,通信聯繫

missionary 傳教士

stand out 顯眼,突出

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大日本皇軍死哂啦,就算未死都九十多歲,況且不是每個退役日本兵都曾經參與 南京大屠殺,樓上訓醒未呀?

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回覆 9#  swh2010 的帖子

The Japanese government STILL denies Nanjing massacre TODAY.

[ 本帖最後由 騰杰 於 2018-6-17 10:16 AM 編輯 ]

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